One thing that really annoys me is NLP nerds. The sort of people who go round making “NLP Jokes” that are really not funny and stand there analysing everyone using NLP jargon. They treat NLP as a club (in both senses of the ambiguity, I will explain in a moment) rather than the tool that it is.

They treat it like a club. Like an exclusive members only club that only the privileged can get into with its is own terminology and jargons used mainly to exclude outsiders (i.e. people who don’t know about NLP).

They treat it like a club. Like something they can beat people over the head with. They seem to think that can NLP can be used INSTEAD of social skills or being nice or manners to some how control people.

These are they type of people who give NLP it’s cultish appearance and bad reputation. And they really annoy me.

NLP is really simple; it is a set of idea’s theories and rules of thumb about human behaviour that has created a methodology and bunch of techniques. Using this methodology and the techniques (in the correct way in the correct context) you can communicate more effectively with people and more easily help change their (and your own) behaviour. That is it really. It is nothing magical, it is nothing special. It is pragmatic and practical and anyone can learn it and use it to help improve their life, whatever they do.

NLP shouldn’t be treated like a club, it was never meant to be. And the sooner these NLP nerds get that the better.

Please don’t be an NLP nerd…

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  1. Andrew Harris
    Andrew Harris says:

    Seriously, I hear stories about some of the crap that NLP guys (specifically seduction guys) say to people and I think to myself “I know what they’re talking about and I’d still slug them”. My favourite pattern interrupt for these people remains “What were you, raised in a f***ing barn?”

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