I am not saying that intelligent enquiry is bad, in fact I whole heartedly recommend it, but these closed minded aggressive “fundamentalist materialists” as Robert Anton Wilson calls them frustrate the hell out of me!

(For the rest of this blog I am going use the example of psychic ability, for ease of writing)

Sceptics make some rather flawed leaps of “logic”. For example, they use the argument that there are fake psychics out there as a big stick to beat you over the head with and claim that because some psychics are fakes all psychics are fakes. Well I could fake being a brain surgeon; it doesn’t mean that brain surgeons don’t exist.

They offer an alternative argument to the one being presented and then claim that this alternative argument is proof that the psychic is a fake. But all they have really done is offered an alternative theory, not disproved the psychic.

They claim that if we cannot prove something it obviously doesn’t exist. This is a bit daft really if you think about it. We are discovering new things all of the time, all we can ever really say is that we cannot prove it….yet! So you have to have an element of “maybe” in every assertion you make, but sceptics are often as evangelic as the people they profess to hate (ironically I have discovered that often their belief structure is the same as the people they lampoon it is just the content that is different), they 100% believe their argument is right. I bet they would feel a bit daft if you turned round tomorrow and offered overwhelming evidence of psychic ability. Sceptics were probably the people who put Copernicus to death!

There are lots of things we cannot or have not yet 100% proved (I don’t think we can 100% prove anything to be honest; If you jump up in the air we can generalise from previous experience that you will come back down again, but you can never prove that until you have jumped up infinite number of times and always come back down again, which of course is a bit hard to do…), there has to be an element of faith in everything that we believe to be true. But sceptics won’t accept faith, they even ironically claim they don’t believe in it!

Don’t limit yourself, don’t be a sceptic, it is waste of energy. Now I am not to saying we should all be dumb believers, oh no no no no… my attitude is I believe in the possibility of these things, but am always very careful around people who claim to do them.

To be honest, I don’t mind them limiting themselves in that manner, everyone is entitled to think what they want, what really annoys me is their evangelical mission to tell everyone about their point of view and how right they are! If they would just shut up and go away…

Please, don’t run round being evangelical about anything. Remember the “maybe”!!