What do I mean happy Monday? For many people it is their first day back at work and they are tired and miserable and got 5 long days until the next weekend right? I was like that too when I had a “proper job”. So what can you do to cheer your Monday up?

Well I was listening to Radio 1 here in the UK, to a DJ called Jo Whiley and she does an excellent thing on her Monday show, that I highly recommend, if you are feeling a bit low and depressed and uninspired on a Monday morning, and that is this:

Get a piece of paper and a pen/pencil (you can do it in your head, but I find it is better to write it down), and then start to write a list of all the good things that you can do or are looking forward to this week. It can be anything from a big gig or date to just the next episode of your favourite TV show (I don’t know about you but I am addicted to “Invasion” at the moment!), to the things you really want to achieve, maybe going to the gym, or doing some DIY.

That’s it. Simple! But you will find that just that simple task each Monday will help inspire and motivate you for the week ahead!