According to the news we are now in Ecological Debt, we need 3.1 planets just to sustain us! Why are we using up so many resources? We seem to think that happiness is a external thing governed by what we have, own and consume.

But studies have shown that happiness isn’t actually linked to material wealth and possessions, no matter what the ad agencties want us to think!

Happiness is a state of mind and can be cultivated whether we have £1m pounds or 1p.

Here is Zen quote:

If one is contented wherever he goes, he will be at ease wherever he may be. Even life and death cannot affect him. How much less can flood or fire? The perfect man is not besieged by calamities, not because he escapes from them but because he advances the principles of things and goes forward and naturally comes into union with good fortune.
— Guo Xiang

Think about it.