Easter is traditionally the time of rebirth, not just in the Christian Calendar (the death and resurrection of Jesus) but also in the Pagan calendar (where do you think all the bunnies and eggs come from?) and even stretches back to ancient Egypt and Rome.

So, if you missed your chance of making changes for your news years resolutions, then now is a second chance! Saying that it is a bit arbitrary, as every morning is the start of a new year and therefore a chance to make changes, but sometimes there is something beneficial to doing at these set times, as they are ritualistic and we as humans respond very powerfully to ritualised behaviour, that is why there is so much of it around. I don’t know why we do, but we do.

I am away for a few days now, so this blog may become even more sporadic than usual for awhile.

Maybe my Easter resolution should be to write more?!

Oh, and this blog may be moving home in awhile, I dunno yet, but I will keep you informed, have a good Easter!