“People that talk about it don’t do it. People that do it don’t talk about it!”

Do you know how many people I meet that can TALK good NLP? But you stick them in front of a real, live human being and they have no idea what to do?

I honestly don’t understand, why bother learning all theses complicated big phrases like” transderivational search” just to SOUND clever?!

Personally I am an NLP addict, I can’t HELP but use the skills and techniques ALL of the time, I do it on people I meet in the bus queue, on friends, family, MYSELF!

Yes you can “do it” to yourself you know. I think a lot of “armchair NLPers” forget that, they think NLP is something you on “DO” on other people.

NLP is NOT an academic subject, it is something you DO! It is a model of reality that allows to us to interact and manipulate our reality with more control and certainty.

Get out there, get your hands dirty, even if it is just picking ONE NLP technique or language pattern or whatever just use it. Make someone feel GOOD for NO GOOD reason! The anchor it and every time you see them fire off the anchor, and see them cheer up. Why wouldn’t you want to do that?!

I remember Richard Bandler taking about it in a seminar, he said we should all go out and become “hypnosis sharks”, we should all go around looking for opportunities to hypnotise people like a shark is always hunting around for prey!