So many clients I see say things to me like”I want to stop smoking”, “I want to get rid of this habat” “I want to get rid of this phobia”

And when I ask them “So, what do you want?”, they look at me blankly!

That is why so many people fail to change thier lives. Because they focus on what they DON’T want! And not what they will replace in it with instead.

That is why so many people who quit smoking gain weight, because they stop something that gives them something postive (remember all behaviour has a positive intention, no matter how bad that behaviour seems to be) and don’t replace it with anything. So thier unconscious mind hunts roudn for something that will replace that good feeling….FOOD!

And then there is always your RAS. But more about that on another day…

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  1. yellowsbest
    yellowsbest says:

    Agreed !!!!!!!!! I used the technique to give up smoking. After maaaaannnny failed attempts I have been smoke free for 10 months. No cravings no temper tantrums, nothing. Simply an all pervasive notion of being a permanent non-smoker

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