Phew! Just finished running a 7 day Practitioner Training with my co trainer Bob.

They get better and better, the 12 people we had (we deliberately keep our numbers small to make certain of the best quality training) were probably the best group we have ever had, they picked up the skills and flew with them.

The feedback we got was fantastic with fair criticism (our timekeeping skills do need work), now Bob and I have to sit down ad debrief and see how we can make the next practitioner course EVEN BETTER!!

So, how do we get better and better? Well in NLP there is a presupposition (a belief we act as if true) that “there is no failure only feedback” so when we do a course we take no criticism as negative, no hiccup or mistake as something bad, but as LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

Because we have this attitude we can constantly improve on what we do.

Think now of a time when you made what you considered a mistake, you didn’t get the outcome that you wanted. IS it still a little raw? Do you still cringe or get angry when you think about it? Well tell yourself “There is no failure only feedback” and then look at what you can learn from that experience, how you would do it differently now if you were there again…

And of you are interested our next practitioner is 30th July, go to for details!