Phew! I have not had internet access for a week, I never realised how much I had come to rely on the net, not just for communication (and for marketing my business!) but as a very simple and quick source of information. If I wanted to find out about something I would just jump on the net and in about 20mins, or less, I would know everything (I think) I need to know on the subject.

So last week was like going cold turkey!

Anyway I am back and want to answer a question (or accusation) I commonly get about NLP – “Isn’t it just positive thinking?”

Not at all. Anthony Robbins describes postive thinking as standing in your garden and chanting “there are no weeds…” and expecting all the weeds to just disappear! It would be great if that was the case, wouldn’t life be easy?!

Now, there is certainly an element of teaching yourself to think more postively in situations, focusing on solutions rather than problems and reframing experiences. But it is done by teaching you how you can control the way you think, to access the postive resources you have more regularly and creating the resources you need that you do not yet have.

NLP will make you think more positively and become optimistic, but that is because you have started to control the way you think and therefore creating more choices. But it does take effort! It is not a “magic wand and certainly not just fooling yourself or living in denial…