Continuing the theme of yesterdays box, I was thinking, how do you protect yourself form negative suggestions?

They are around us almost everyday. Just watch the news. When was the last time you saw a positive news story?

People say things to us like “I am having a rubbish day, you know what it is like…” and you find yourself agreeing (because it is natural trait of us humans to empathise with each other). You even do it to yourself! People ask you how you are and you say “Alright”, or “Not BAD”.

These negative suggestions can have a profound effect on your own mood and emotional state. Much more than you think.

So how can you protect yourself?

Firstly you have to be aware of these negative suggestions, Pay attention to what people say and how they say it to you.

Secondly, turn it round to something positive (OK, the recent tsunami may be an extreme and it is very difficult to turn that positive. But if you think about the profound outpouring of aide and support from all the countries in the world…).

If someone tries to put you in a bad mood with their negative suggestions. Stop. And put them in a good mood (its only fair…)! Take what they say and challenge it, turn it round, offer counter arguments or just tell a joke (humour usually works well here, otherwise you can come across as a smug git…). If all else fails, just smile.

If you catch yourself doing it. Stop it!! Straight away. Find something positive in the situation or that you can get out of the situation. If there really is nothing good that you can think of, accept it and move on. Don’t dwell or sulk, put it to one side in your mind, come back to it when you CAN do something positive with it.

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