I have to admit to be writing this Daily NLP Tip as much for my benefit as for yours!

Someone once told me “to truly understand a subject you have to teach it”. And I find that a very true statement (for me anyway), by teaching it, you really have to methodically sit down and go through the subject, you have to be prepared for all the questions that can possibly come up and be able to explain that subject in a variety of different ways to fulfil everyone learning style (often simultaneously).

But anyway, I was talking to Bob the other day, my co-trainer at Birmingham NLP (co-trainer is a bit mean actually. Bob is light years ahead of me on the training stakes and the man who got me into NLP in the first place!) and he was talking about some of his experiences of when he was in the British Special Forces.

He was talking about an operation he was on and said “after the helicopter dropped us off, we sat there for 20 minutes to half an hour, just observing and taking in all our surroundings, allowing ourselves to adjust to it, so when we set off we moved through the environment, not over it. That’s why we have a reputation for being invisible, because we tune up our observations skills so that we become one with the environment”

I thought how cool is that! How very Zen!!

So, how do we do that to become “one with our environment”, to tune up our sensory acuity so high?

One technique is “commentary walking” or “commentary driving”; when you are on the move you run a silent commentary in your head about everything around you, and what is going on inside you. You may find it will slow you down at first but after a very short while you will be running faster that you were before and 100 times more observant!

Try it for about 20 minutes a day (Say when you are travelling too and from work) and in about 21 days I guarantee you will notice the difference!