What was the first thing you thought of? Orange penguins, right? For us to understand what we should NOT do, we first have to imagine DOING it. So asking someone, or telling yourself, NOT to do something, will invariably make you do it more.

This works with any form of negation, “Stop doing that ” for example.

So, if you often find yourself talking to yourself in such negative fashion, e.g. “Stop begin such an idiot” you will invariably find yourself continuing to carry out that unwanted behaviour, as you are actual subconsciously reinforcing it.

You need to offer an alternative to the unwanted habitual behaviour you desire to change, so rather than saying “Stop BEING such an idiot”, maybe say “THINK before I do that again”.

It may seem simple, but it is often the simplest of changes that make the biggest impact. Give it a go.

You have to be