I have been bogged down recently “re-engineering” some things behind the scenes, which is why the “Daily NLP Tip” has become more of a “When I get a Chance NLP Tip”, so my apologies, it should return to some sense of normality and regularity very soon. Without the and of prunes.

Whenever I sit down to write this tip, or anything else that I do, I use a tip I once heard which is to “step out of my ego and into my readers/client/customers ego”. I ask myself the question, if I came to this site in search of DAILY information that would HELP me RIGHT NOW. What would I want to know?

What piece of wisdom can impart to you now that will INSTANTLY ENRICH you?

Today my advice is BREATH!!

Really. I am not kidding, that is the most useful piece of advice I have ever been given. Breathing is the most important thing we can do (think about it, we can survive 3 days without water, we can only survive 3 minutes without breath!), yet we overlook it a lot of the time.

The speed and rate and depth in which we breath can radically effect our state. All meditative practices across the globe work by focusing on the breathing and doing different types of breathing exercises.

There are thousands of different ways of breathing that can create different states of mind and have different effects, but the most important and basic is the “belly breath” this elongates you breathing, uses more of your lungs and therefore sucks in more oxygen, which gives you more energy and clarity and will, depending on the speed in which you breath, either calm you down or invigorate your AND “centre” you, bringing you more into the present movement therefore improving your awareness and sensory acuity.

All that from one breath?!? Oh yes!

So, the best way to do this is start of lying down. Then place one hand on your belly, as you breath in feel it rise and when you breath out feel it fall. Breath it for the count of four (approx 4 seconds) hold for the count of 2 and breath out for the count of four. Do a cycle of 10 breaths. After you have got the hang of this, do it sitting up, then standing. Once you can easily and effortlessly do it (after a few days of practice) bring your attention to your breathing when you are doing other tasks and do a few breaths. Particularly when you are stressed, tired or nervous.

After awhile you will find it will become “unconscious” and you will naturally breath slower and deeper and you will find you have more energy clarity and sensory acuity.

All that from a breath!

Easy huh?