“You can’t solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created the problem” Albert Einstein

Robert Dilts considers that we are now in the “3rd generation” of NLP where this model has gone beyond a small controlling group and has now spread far and wide, it is used in pretty much all aspects of modern life, form therapy to sales to teaching to sports to personal development…the list goes on.

I wonder if Bandler and Grinder, when they developed NLP back in the mid 70’s ever thought it would become such a huge creature that would break away form its creators like a rebellious teenage Frankenstein monster?!

Just look at how many people are “doing” NLP and the ingenious applications it is used for. I have seen very, very different people using the same techniques for very, very different things. I have seen a high flying Corp exec use them, I have seen a new age pagan use them. Very, very different people, the same techniques.

And I think that is beauty of NLP because it a model of behaviour, a model of REALITY even, it has applications in EVERYTHING!! Don’t be limited by the traditional ideas of NLP that is must be used for this and not that.

Make it your own.

NLP should not be “owned” by a small group of people who decide what it should and should not be used for or “where it is going” (When I hear that phrase “where is NLP going?” it always makes me laugh, the people who say it obviously don’t understand what a nominalisation is…). One of the major beauties of NLP is that it CAN be used for pretty much anything!

I once heard Bandler use the phrase “Us NLPer’s must stick apart”. He wants us to take the techniques and explore what we can do with them.