Words can be a prison or a paradise. We create the world in which we live largely by the language we sue to describe it. This is the “linguistic” part of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming.

One of the most common language “traps” that we fall in to is a “nominalisation”, this is when we turn a verb into a noun, i.e. we turn process or an action in to a fixed “thing”. This then ahs the problem of it becoming fixed in your model or map of reality and effects the way you act and think. People suffering form a bout of depression will say “I am depressed” that suggests that you will always be depressed, being depressed is part of what makes you “you”. Or maybe you say “I am useless at…”. Again implying that is part of “you” and it will never change. However these are not fixed things, you cannot put depression in a wheelbarrow. It is a neurological process and therefore must have a beginning a middle and an end as all processes have.

If, rather than you saying “I am depressed” or “I am useless at X” you say “I am currently suffering from depression” or “I am useless at X at the moment”, you are freeing up possibly to change, you are making a subtle but powerful change in your perception, you map, of reality.

Seems simple doesn’t it? Well that’s NLP is! Change is simpler than you think.

Until next week, keep changing!