NEVER do a psychometric test. Refuse to do them on religious grounds or something! Just don’t do them!!

I despise this whole culture we are moving towards that we can pigeonhole everyone into these tiny arbitrary headings or definitions after getting them to fill out 25 questions. Really think about it, how ridiculous is that? Knowing enough about a person in 25 questions to be able to ascertain their “personality type”?? Doesn’t that strike you as slightly over-simplistic?! These tests do not take into account the wealth of experience you have had in your life, your mood, your opinions your understanding or knowledge, they don’t take into account ”sometimes” or “depends what mood I am in” or “depends who is asking” or where I am at the time” or any myriad of other variable that effect our behaviour or personality at any given moment in time. They just broad brush you into these categories and then expect you to live up to this definition. They dehumanise us, turn is into definitions or personality types, not individuals or real people.

I don’t know about you, but I find that highly offensive and not only that but they are pretty much useless as any form of indication of what the person is really like. I have filled out exactly the same psychometric test 5 times, a few weeks apart each time, and got a totally different result each time! I didn’t deliberately fill it out differently, but reacted to what I was thinking and how I was feeling at the time.

They are just plain lazy! A sloppy way of trying to easily “understand” someone.

Please don’t do them or use them, there are so much better ways of learning about person.