I have been away for awhile. So this box hasn’t been updated. How are things? Are you enjoying yourselves?

You see I have been thinking recently about being Happy. Because, as far as I can tell, that is what life is about right? It is about doing what makes you happy most of the time. I say most of the time because there are, sometimes, things you just have to do, whether you enjoy them or not, like paying taxes and being stuck in traffic. But with a little practice you can reduce your “unhappiness” levels and increase your “happiness” levels. Of course happiness is a subjective word and is different for everybody, but isn’t NLP the “study of the structure of subject experience”? Therefore an ideal tool to use to increase such a subjective state.

Smile. Go on. Smile.

Let me explain. Your mind and body are linked, what goes on in one is mirrored in the other – in fact Alfred Korzybski, the creator of General Semantics, refused to use the 2 words independently and always said “bodymind” or “mindbody” – your state of mind is mirrored in your physiology and what is going on in your physiology is mirrored in your mind. Don’t believe me? Get drunk, that is a physical thing, but it changes the way you think, right?

You smile when you are happy, it triggers happy chemicals in the brain. So if you smile, even when you are not happy, it STILL releases the same chemicals and makes you feel happier. Don’t believe me? Try it, go on, I dare you…

How was it? Keep going. That fake smile will soon turn into a real one and you will be skipping through your day and be able to deal with everything that is thrown at you with a much more positive state of mind. And to make good decisions you have to be in a good state! If you try and make decision in a bad state (mood) then you will inevitably make bad decisions.

Just a thought. Keep it in mind…

…for the rest of your life…

Nice smooth!