Well, I’m back! I have been busy for some time, running round sorting things out ad hopefully al to f that will come to fruition soon, that I will be able to share with you.

That is the odd thing about doing this for a living, it forces you to be more altruistic.! If I can’t give you all out there something you want or need, I don’t get paid, and then I can’t eat and then, well, it’s not worth thinking about…

That is a big mistake a lot of people make when going into this profession, it is not a quick buck it is not an easy money making scheme. Not unless you are total charlatan anyway! Sure the “self help” industry is booming, but that is no guarantee f success. You have to work very hard to do this.

And I love it!

So I am constantly thinking about how to provide the best service. Services that I have to admit have been a bit lacking of late, with my own enforced deadlines slipping past at alarming rates and not doing any of them! This site had a fantastic overhaul before Christmas, but the content on it is in desperate need of updating. I have been promising to set up an all is welcome NLP practice group since March, but been having real difficulties securing a venue.

I am being honest with you , because so many NLP people I come across constantly trick themselves into thinking bad stuff doesn’t happen and it is all their fault if it does. Well, bad shit happens all the time, it’s just want you do with it that counts.

Think now about something bad that has happened recently, nothing too traumatic please! Maybe a big bill came in. Now, when you think of that what is it? Maybe you see the event, the bill, and then hear yourself or someone else saying “oh no, this going to be AWFUL”, the picture is gigantic, butterfly’s explode in your stomach as your body dumps adrenaline, you just want to run away and hide. Really? All that just over little problem? Shrink that picture down by half, feels better already, right? Now change those nagging voices into Mickey Mouse or some other high-pitched squeak, makes you giggle right? The feeling is calming. Now breath just focus on that for a minute. Now think back about this problem. Not so bad now huh?

Ask yourself “is there anything I can do about it now?”, if the answer is “yes” then what, don’t delay, do it. If there is a time delay, you have to wait until you can sort it, then worrying about it in the interim is a total waste. Just shrink the picture right down in the corner of your mind and just set an alarm so it will pop back up when you can deal with it when the resources are available,

Your subconscious is your friend, no matter what Freud tried to tell us! It is there to help, be nice to it, help it organise itself and teach it what it needs to react to and how and it will be your best friend.

See what you find out – email me and let me know!

And speaking of which a picture has just popped up, I have something I need to do.

Until next time.