It was our regular monthly practice group last night and what a fantastic turn out! The practice group is really going from strength to strength and I must thank Bob for doing a fantastic presentation on “Who Dares Wins – Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs!” with his usual style! For more info on Bob’s work go to the SAS Survival link at the side of the page!


There has been a series of studies on London “cabbies” (US – taxi drivers) that the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and organising those memories (when, for example, deciding in the best route) is up to 30% bigger than the average person. Why is this?? Are cabbies genetically predispose to this type of task and therefore are born with this enlarged area of the brain and some how due to some sort of fate find themselves drawn to that job?! NO! It is because they have spent so long studying routes and maps and memorising them that they have actually managed to change there biological maker up, Just by thinking!!

What we are born with, genetically, is the starting blocks. Sure some have a better head start than others. But we are ALL capable of rewriting that genetic code. Nothing is fixed.

Just in the same way that a 7 stone weakling can go the gym and pump up, therefore rewriting his physical genetic code, we can also by using a psychological workout change out brain, literally change our minds! Our behaviours are not fixed, our intelligence quotient is not fixed. It constantly changes, depending on the experiences we have. Now we can either allow random chance to decide where who that is going to change or we can take control and alter our own behaviour.

Which do you think is ‘better’?