Everything Starts With A Single Idea....

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…It’s The Quality of Thinking That Creates The Idea With An Edge.

In an increasingly competitive, fast moving and complicated world
the better you think
the faster you go.

Hello and welcome

“Welcome to mattcaulfield.co.uk.  This site offers coaching and training with my simple philosophy in mind:

Everything starts with a single idea…

It’s the quality of thinking that creates the idea with an edge. In an increasingly competitive, fast moving and complicated world the clearer and better you think, the smarter and faster you go.

To help you achieve this I utilise Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), as well as other cutting edge psychological tools.

Have a look around, read my blog, have a listen and watch, and most of all enjoy.

Best Wishes,


About me

I work with people to improve the quality of their thinking.

What I can do for you

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is key to everything I do. My philosophy is based around improving your ability to think more clearly and evaluate your decisions. So you can go faster and smarter.


Neuro-lingusitic Programming. I am a licenced Trainer of NLP with the Society of NLP and have nearly 20 years experience of teaching and using NLP. I offer fully accredited NLP courses.

Skills Acquisition

Including Training Design and Facilitation. We are learning machines, we can’t help it, but sometimes we develope bad habits that slow us down. I can help you learn any new skill quickly and simply.

Supervision and Mentoring

With 20 years experience in NLP and Coaching (and running my own practice), I offer supervision and mentoring to professionals who want advice or peer support.

Happiness and Resilience

Becuase that is want it is all about isn’t it? We all want to be happy. Let me help you cheer up with my unique and idiosyncratic approach. (this is not therapy).

Slow Philosophy

We have all been seducedby the cult of speed and think faster is better. It isn’t (mostly), I am an advocate for the Slow Philosophy. Slow down, relax, appreciate, savour.

A Global Reach

I have been pioneering online coaching via platforms such as Zoom (preferred), Skype, and FaceTime since 2008, and have worked with people all over the globe, from the Bahamas to Australia, from Belgium to Singapore!

Lets chat…

I find that the best way to understand how I can help you is to have a relaxed, informal chat. You can tell me what you want to achieve and I will give you an honest answer about what I think will help you, even if it means refering you elsewhere. You have nothing to lose, so get in touch now for a no cost, no obligation conversation.