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Become a Master of Change and Influence!



An NLP Master Practitioner  is someone who has mastered the creative and innovative applications of the principles and methodology of NLP. They are highly skilled communicators, able to easily change their own behaviours and those of others.

As a prerequisite of attendance you must hold a valid NLP Practitioner certificate. Please supply a copy with your booking.

Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to build on our Flagship NLP Practitioner training course. It continues seamlessly to deepen and broaden your skills and knowledge. You will be awarded with certification from the SNLP, ILM and gain professional membership of the ANLP.

Brief Description

The Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP training course involves much more experimental and experiential exercises that will allow you to really imprint and develop the attitude, methodology and techniques of NLP, including:

  • An opportunity to review, revise and master your Practitioner Skills.
  • Spending much more time perfecting your linguistic skills; with time dedicated to the Meta Model and the Milton Model and studying and modelling great communicators.
  • A look at DHE (Design Human Engineering), strategy design and advanced modelling techniques.
  • Deep trance work, persuasion and influence.


ONLY £2,599 including VAT, certification fee, extra special bonuses and all course fees (£2165.83 excl VAT).

Or pay in 6 easily manageable monthly instalments of £433.16 (£360.97 excl VAT).

If you have completed your NLP Practitioner training with me you can attend this course the discounted investment of £1,999 (£1665.83 excl VAT).




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Cardiff Module 1: 15-18 Apr
Module 2: 22-25 Apr
Cardiff Module 1: 04-07 Nov
Module 2: 11-14 Nov


Full Details

The Master Practitioner Certification is split over 2 modules:

Module 1: The Structure of Reality

In this module we will delve into how we know what we know. It will look at the NLP Practitioner level skills and expand and deepen your understanding. It includes:

  • Practical experiments to understand your Practitioner skills in new ways.
  • The linguistic structure of successful outcomes.
  • Chaining states in all systems, including anchors, story telling and metaphor
  • Strategy creation and installation
  • Developing on the idea of “how would you choose to think if you had could design your mind”?
  • Deep trance identification.

Module 2: Advanced Language Pattern Mastery

In the second model we look at what it takes to be an exquisitely peurasive and charismatic communicator.

  • A detailed review of the Meta Model and Milton Model
  • Sleight of Mouth patterns
  • Meta-programmes in our language
  • Modelling successful and powerful communicators.
  • Multilevel communication and stacking realities.


Certification on this course is:

  • Licensed Practitioner of NLP with the Society of NLP.
  • Professional Level Membership of the ANLP (3 months membership).

For more details about certifying bodies and requirements, please click here.

Please note: This is a qualification course. Certification is not awarded for attendance only and delegates must demonstrate a suitable level of skill and competence. In some cases additional training or experience may be requested before the qualification is awarded. In rare occasions we may refuse certification.


I am proud to offer one of the most cost effective NLP courses in the UK. At present no other training company is offering an equivalent training at the same cost. To make this course even better value for you, it comes loaded with the following extra’s worth over £2000!

  • Re-attend the NLP Practitioner training immediately prior to the Master Practitioner course free of charge.
  • Additional learning materials; NLP Exercise eManual, Advanced Language Pattern Flashcards and the Little eBook of NLP Techniques.
  • Follow up one to one coaching sessions.
  • 3 months professional membership with the ANLP.
  • Massive discounts on future trainings and one to one coaching.

Summary of Key Information Before You Book

  • There only a maximum of 9 places on this course
  • You will receive follow up support and additional bonuses to help you perfect your skills
  • On successful completion of the course you will be award certification as a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP with the Society of NLP.
  • The course is only £2,499 including VAT, certification fee and all training costs.
  • You can pay in 6 easily manageable monthly instalments of £433.16(£360.97 excl VAT).
  • Pay securely online with Paypal or request to pay via BACS, company invoice or cheque.
  • You must hold a valid NLP Practitioner certificate to attend this course.

How To Book

You can book online via credit card utilising PayPal, or, if you would prefer to pay via BACS, company invoice or any alternative method, please click here to download a pdf booking form to complete, along with details of payment.

To book, please click on the course date you would like to book on below. PLEASE NOTE: The value in the shopping cart will be shown excluding VAT, VAT will be added when you check out via PayPal.



Pay in Full

Pay Deposit

Cardiff Module 1: 15-18 Apr
Module 2: 22-25 Apr
Cardiff Module 1: 04-07 Nov
Module 2: 11-14 Nov



If you have any questions at all, or want to discuss this training in more detail, please click here to contact me for more information, or call 0845 3 626277