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NLP and Coaching Courses

Below is a list of the current NLP trainings that I run. Before you decide to book, please read “why I think you should invest in me” and the online book process here.

If you have any questions about the courses that I offer, please check the FAQ page or click here to contact me.

My training courses are certified and accredited by the Society of NLP. For more information about certification please click here.

Introductory Courses

New to NLP and Coaching? Want to learn more in a low cost, honest, practical course?

Below are two foundation level workshops that I run. I run regular scheduled courses, and you can also arrange for them to be run in-house for your organisation or company.

An Introduction to NLP

Say hello to your new best friend.

NLP is one of the most powerful ways to create positive change in your life. Books and videos are OK, but NLP is a practical subject and can only really be learned in a training course. However, with some NLP courses running to £1000’s you may want to “try before you buy”. This low cost introduction will teach the basics of NLP, give you practical skills to take away with and use straight away. This is well help you to decide to book on a full NLP Practitioner course.

Coaching Foundations

Coaching is a core skill for anyone working in business today. Whether you want to be professional coach, or want to using a coaching approach within your organsation, this course will give you the coure coaching skills you need.

This course is open to anyone that is interested in learning about Coaching and how to use coaching skills to get results. It will teach you some of the core models of Coaching, including the GROW Model and The Wheel of Life. It assumes no prior knowledge and teaches you the core skills you need to be an effective Coach.

Matt is a brilliant performer and a wonderful entertainer. He cleverly weaves into his stories little gold nuggets of wisdom that drop with a whisper into our unconscious to slowly unfold in our minds as he leads us giggling down the path to shuttle between conscious and unconscious competence

I attended Matt’s NLP Practitioner course and was motivated by Matt’s teaching skills, he has a way of getting the message across, his stories were funny but all had a message relating to what we were learning at the time. Having completed the course. My first day, I looked at the NLP training manual and thought “I can’t do all this in 7 days” I did and not only that I understood every word of it by the 7th day, and understood NLP. Thank you Matt

Education with enlightenment and applied knowledge giving wisdom… Although this sounds over inflated and exaggerated, the Master Practitioner training course with Matt delivered on all fronts.
Matt is widely read and very knowledgeable in and around the subject of NLP. Having delivered and prepared much training in the past it is clear that Matt invests immense preperation to enable him to effortlessly deliver the course. Many thanks

“This course is an outstanding course on self improvement and communication skills, and so much more! As a teacher it is invaluable, as a manager it is powerful and as a part of family and friends it is empowering. Matt’s style of delivery is unique and truly empowering. He enables delegates to be truly educated”

Core NLP Training Courses

Below is the list of current NLP courses that I offer as “open” public trainings. These training courses are open to all, they require no prior understanding or experience in NLP (unless otherwise stated).

All courses can also be run in-house for your organisation or company.

Licenced Practitioner of NLP

Learn The Building Blocks of Change!

AN NLP Practitioner is someone who has learned to use the attitudes, principles and techniques of NLP as they are intended to be used, by its creator, for themselves and with others.

This is my Flagship NLP Training, and I have been running it since 2003, making me one of the most experienced NLP trainers in the region.

This course carries certification from the Society of NLP.

Licenced Master Practitioner of NLP

Capture Lightening In a Bottle!

A Master Practitioner of NLP is someone who has mastered the creative and innovative applications of the principles and methodology of NLP. They are highly skilled communicators, able to easily change their own behaviours and those of others.

This course carries certification from the Society of NLP

In-house NLP and Coaching Training

In-house training that is a “cut above”

I offer in house trainings for companies and organisations.

I can run all the above courses at a time, structure and location that suits your needs.

I also offer bespoke courses in NLP and related subjects on areas that you require including:

  • Leadership and management
  • Sales
  • Negotiation
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Team Building
  • Coaching (both one to one anf groups)
  • Time Management
  • State Management (including stress control, motivation, creativity)

I take the time to discuss what your outcomes are and present a suggested training outline that can be discussed and adjusted. It is like buying a bespoke suit. It takes a little time and may be a bit more expensive, but you will get the right fit.

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