The NLP Practitioner is Only the First Step on Your Journey in NLP

Below is a list of resources that I recommend for the Practitioner level graduates who want to continue their learning.

During my NLP Practitioner training I recommend a lot of extra (3rd party) resources that you will find useful to deepen and broaden your NLP skills and knowledge. For easy reference I have listed them below. I suggest you bookmark this page for future reference.

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The Bandler Effect

The Bandler EffectRecorded because of demand from people asking to see how Dr Richard Bandler works with one to one clients.

You will see Dr Richard Bandler demonstrating many of the skills you have learned on your Practitioner training. Even if you are not interest in using NLP for therapy, coaching or one to one work, this DVD will show you how to integrate what you have learned in an elegant manner.

This 5 DVD set includes Dr Bandler working with clients for the following issues:

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  • Motivation
  • Better health
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Changing habits


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Language Guru

Michael Breen is probably one of the finest communicators around today as well as one of the worlds best NLP trainers. In this online training course you will see his remarkable work with the Meta Model as well as his exclusive “Framing Tool”.

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Meta Model

Recommended Reading

Below is a list of NLP and non-NLP books I recommend for Practitioner level graduates. For more recommendations please click here.

NLP Books

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Non-NLP Books

Reading lots of NLP books is all well and good, but there are a wealth of books out there that are “non-NLP” that will teach you much more, below are some of my top recommendations.

Skills Bundle

If you have trained with me you would have received a pdf skills bundle (if you haven’t please contact me), if you haven’t trained with me and would like to purchase the bundle, please click here.

The bundle includes:

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  • NLP Exercise eManual
  • Advanced Language Pattern Flash Cards
  • The Little eBook of NLP Techniques


Further Training

Remember, if you want to review and revise your skills you can reattend the NLP Practitioner training at any time at a specially reduced fee of £499 (+VAT).

Do you want to Master your skills in NLP? The NLP Master Practitioner will broaden and deepen your knowledge and ability. As a past trainee you can attend the NLP Master Practitioner at a very special discounted rate. I generally recommend leaving it about 6 months between

To book or discuss anything in more detail please contact me.

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If you have any resources that you think may be useful to add to this list, please let me know.

Matt Caulfield

(please note: some of these are “affiliate links”, ie, I make a small percentage on the sale if you click on the link and purchase the product. However, I would have to sell 1000’s of them to be able to retire and I can assure you the money, although nice, is not my motivator for promoting these products).