Continued Professional Development – Supervision and CPD


Just Because You Have Completed Your NLP Course, It Does Not Mean You Have Completed Your NLP Training

You will be an NLP Practitioner for as long as you are involved in NLP, by this I mean you should continue to practice and improve your skills, and work on your Continued Professional Development (CPD).

As an NLP Professional you should be involved in CPD.

How Much CPD?

There is no official requirement for CPD in NLP, so how do we decide how much CPD is enough? Looking at other fields, such as psychology, that have CPD requirements, I would suggest 12 days CPD training each year, plus regular (at least once a month) one to one supervision sessions.

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There are a number of ways you can carry out CPD:

CPD Workshops

From 2015 I will be running quarterly CPD days. Each of these days will be be built around a theme, with tuition and discussion in the morning session then open practice in the afternoon session.

I am doing a special launch event on Saturday 29th November, which will focus on the structure and application of metaphor. We will explore how ALL language is metaphoric plus how to build effective metaphors for change. This first even is offered at the launch price of £50 incl VAT (usual price £99) per person and will be held in Birmingham.

Upcoming Dates



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Birmingham 29 Nov
Birmingham 07 Feb
Birmingham 05 Sept
Birmingham 28 Nov
Birmingham 23 Mar


One To One Supervision

Supervision sessions are where the Practitioner can discuss issues, problems and queries with a more experienced NLPer. For more details about my one to one to supervision, tuition and mentoring, please click here.

If you have trained with me, you will receive a 50% discount on one to one supervision sessions.


There is a wealth of additional courses that you can attend out there. You can redo your NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Coach training with me at a fraction of the cost. Just visit the relevant course page for details and investment.

Practice Groups

Finding a local NLP Practice Group can help you embed your skills and gain peer support from other Practitioners.

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