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Below is a list of the most common questions I get asked, if you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact me.



What is NLP?

NLP is the field “The Study of the Structure of Subject Experience”. Basically it is a way of understanding how and why we do the things we do and think the things we thing. If we understand those processes we can change, learn or teach them easily, simply and quickly.

There is more to our thought, behaviour and communication than normally meets the eye, ear, or hand. With roots in General Semantics, Transformational Grammar, and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming delves into the conscious and unconscious patterns that lie beneath our subjective experience. An understanding of how we create our perception of reality allows us to create powerful choice, and the results can include the ability to change behaviour quickly and effectively and improved abilities of communication and persuasion. Originally only in the province of therapists, NLP has proved itself useful to teachers, salespeople, managers, sports people and just about everybody else!



Why do you use PayPal for payments?

Paypal is one of the most recognised and trusted payment systems on the internet. It give you and us the most flexible way to make and receive payments.

Can I pay by an alternative method?

Yes, we aim to make your booking or purchase as simple, flexible and easy for you. You can pay via credit or debit card via the phone or send a cheque, request an invoice (companies only) or make a bank transfer. For more details on any of this, please contact me here.



I have seen other NLP course that are much more expensive than yours, how come it is so much less?

Maybe the other training organisation uses more expensive venues, maybe they have larger groups therefore need to employ more facilitators (see FAQ about group size), maybe they are just greedy and trying to rip you off. I don’t know.

Misconception Number 1: The longer the course the better the course

I have seen training organisations charge you thousands of pounds. I saw one course that was teaching NLP and charging in excess of £3000! What added value do you think you get from paying that much?

Do you really think the cost a course is a good indicator of the quality of the course? Without meaning to sound blunt, these organisations that charge thousands of pounds are just ripping you off and using your common misconception to get rich!!

I genuinely believe that cost should not stop you learning the powerful and life changing skills of NLP, therefore I have made every effort to keep the costs as low as possible to offer the best possible value for you. This does not mean that the quality of the training has been compromised in anyway, you will still train in small groups, experienced facilitators are on hand and you get a very robust qualification (for which I don’t charge an additional “certification fee”, like some other institutes).

Why should I learn NLP?

Because NLP is the study of how and why we do what we do, it is the ultimate generalists tool kit. A knowledge of NLP will allow you to penetrate any subject or speciality more easily and quickly and you can then develop NLP applications specific to that area (you have probably seen the wealth of NLP books on so many different subjects; “NLP and Sales”, “NLP and Sports”, “NLP for Teachers”. The core methodology is the same, but the application can be very different.

How many people are in your trainings?

It depends on the type of training, but I like around 9 people for the longer trainings, for 1 and 2 day events I may sneak a few extra people on.

Do you do refresher courses in NLP?

I run regular Master Classes, covering specific areas of NLP and regular Practice Groups. You are also welcome to re-attend any previous training at a significant discount.

Do you do in house trainings?

I can run any of the courses in house, and develop bespoke NLP training dependant on you and your organisations needs. Please see my corporate page for more details.

What qualification will I get?

On the certified courses (Practitioner, Master Practitioner, NLP Coach and Business Practitioner) your certificate is granted by licence from the Society of NLP, formed in 1979 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It is the first and largest NLP certification, training, validation and quality control organisation in the world.

Certification in these programmes is based on demonstrations of competence, suitable attitude and appropriate experience according to the trainers’ criteria. We take certification seriously, and depending on your level of experience and ability we may ask that you gain further experience or take some additional training before full certification is granted.

Is there any pre-work required?

No. I don’t believe in pre-work. I think it confuses the trainee and is, to be honest, a bit insulting that you pay a lot of money to be taught NLP and then are expected to teach yourself a large chunk of it before you even begin the training!

I have read that you need to do 120 hours to become a practitioner yet yours is only 65 hours. How come?

This assertion come from the old days of NLP. In the 70’s NLP was predominately taught to therapists. For a course to count as CPD (Continued Professional Development) the course had to be a minimum of 120 hours, so Richard Bandler and John Grinder structured the courses around this time scale. Richard Bandler has admitted that there was a lot of padding on the course!

NLP has evolved and been streamlined over the years. Richard Bandler has successfully been teaching Practitioner courses in 7 days since the early 90’s.

Coaching, Mentoring and Tutoring Sessions


Where the sessions take place?

I use a the following venue in Cardiff for one to one sessions:

R and R Consulting Centres
41 St Isan Road, Heath
Cardiff, CF14 4LW

If you do not live or cannot attend sessions in Cardiff, I have carried out sessions via Skype with people all over the world, including Australia, Belgium, Barbados and the USA.

I can travel to your location, but please note

Is it hypnosis?

Sessions can be very different depending on your needs and requirements, sometimes hypnosis will be utilised if seems relevant, other times more interactive techniques may used or it could just take the structure of what appears to be a chat.

Will I be conscious?

Yes, although some techniques require you to relax and shut your eyes, you will be fully aware of what is going around and be in perfect control.

Will I feel sick?


Are there any side effects?

Only bouts of improved happiness! Often clients notice positive changes in other areas of their life seemingly not connected to the reason for attending the session

How long does it last?

The effects are often long lasting if not permanent.

Do I require a top up?

On occasion top sessions are useful, depending on your requirements. With longer term issus uch as weight loss

How quickly will I see results?

Depending on your reason for attending you will often notice positive changes after the 1st session.

Can a friend come?

Of course.

Can I tape the session?

Of course.

Do you do CD’s pr MP3’s?

I have provided bespoke CD’s and mp3’s on request. There is no extra charge for this. I also have a range of mp3 and ebook downloads here.

Are there some things it is more effective for than others?

NLP works very effectively for low level pathologies such as changing habits, creating motivation and confidence, learning skills, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias.

It can work with more challenging mental health problems, but in that instance I would only work in conjunction with your mental health practitioner, such as your GP, psychologist or psychiatrist. If you think you are suffering from any major psychological issues I urge you to consult your GP before deciding on any course of action.

Talks and Appearances


What do you do?

I offer up to a 45-minute talk for audiences, full of energy, sharp humour , stories and examples. It is elegant and unique, and can be tailored to your audience.

How much do you charge?

Please contact me for a quote.

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