Your Professional NLP Practice Demystified

The latest book in the NLP Demystified series is out now –  It is in fact a (long overdue) updated version of my best selling guide that has been around in various guises since 2008.

You can buy it now on Kindle and paperback (for the first time) here:

So, what’s new in this edition? Well, as I say in the Preface:

What is new in this edition?

I have hacked the marketing section out and started again. In fact, there is LESS in there now than there was.

Gone is the part about Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click and getting to the top of search engines. Gone is the section on building a mailing list, gone is the section about Social Media, gone is the section on press releases and giving talks. Gone are the ‘Four Keys’.

Why? Well, for a start it was horribly out of date, and secondly (and most importantly) it was too generic and the strategies I was offering simply did not scale. It did work when I wrote it, but now, because everyone is doing it, and the supply of coaches, NLPers, and so on has massively increased it is extremely hard, if not impossible to be heard over everyone else shouting. So you have to do something else. And, I appreciate that (hopefully!) there will be a number of people reading this book and implementing the strategies in here.

It felt impressive to have lots of pages packed with information and I cringed as I deleted page after page of the work I had carefully crafted. But that went against my philosophy of demystification and simplification.

I need to give you something that is scalable, that you and others can do and you all get successful. So I have given you a new strategy, a simple strategy, one that can get you from zero to clients very quickly and easily (and cheaply) indeed.

So , inside you will find:

  • How to decide on your niche, trading name and promotional material.
  • A crash course in marketing essentials.
  • The very first strategy you need to do to get clients.
  • How to get clients even if you know nothing about marketing or HATE the idea of selling yourself.
  • How build a professional looking website at no (or very low) cost.
  • The essential set up required to make your business a success.
  • A simple, but complete business plan.
  • Essential questions you need to answer before you even think of starting out.
  • The common mistakes to avoid!

I have also added a load of additional resources that you can download, including:

  • An Excel financial plan spreadsheet pre-filled with all the formulas so you can get your figures straight.
  • A workbook of all the exercise in this book for your to print out and work through.
  • A pdf of the marketing and business structure flow chart.
  • Market research and customer questionnaires.
  • I will even throw in a pdf version of the 4th edition of this book, so you can see what I have cut out!

You can buy it now on Kindle and paperback (for the first time) here:

(NOTE: If you bought the previous version of this book on Kindle and want the latest version, all you need to  do is delete and re-download it!)

Can You Help Me?

As usual I am offering PDF review copies for anyone who wants to write a review on Amazon, their blog, website or facebook page, please get in touch and I will email you a copy (again, this isn’t a “free” copy of the book! But a copy sent in exchange for a review!). I would also appreciate it if you notice any glaring mistakes or errors – the book has been thoroughly proofread by me and a third party, but mistakes can sneak through – please let me know so I can rectify them asap!

You can buy it now on Kindle and paperback (for the first time) here: