Matt Caulfield 10th Anniversary Blog

I recently realised that I have been writing a regular entry on NLP and related topics for 10 years!

I got my first website in June 2002. I had been running my own NLP therapy and “life coaching” (remember when it was still called “Life Coaching”?) business, properly for about a year at that point (before then I was simply working on word of mouth and working with friends and friends of friends) and thought I would invest in this new fangled thing called the internet (you have to remember that back then, getting a website was a real faff. You couldn’t simply build your own like you can today with WordPress or templates provided by your web host. You had to employ a web designer, which was expensive). It was simple static site, nothing like even the simplest sites you find nowadays.

Around a year later (I cannot recall the exact date, so this is a 10th-ish Anniversary post really), I had been reading the Barefoot Doctor’s and the late great Robert Anton Wilson’s sites, both of which did a regular update; The Doc did his daily “Docbox”, RAW did his “Thought of the Month”. Suitably inspired, I wanted to start experimenting with making some sort of direct connect with my visitors, rather than just offering a brochure site. So, with the rudimentary HMTL knowledge I had collected in the previous 12 months, I started doing a “Daily NLP Tip/Musing” on my homepage. There was no archive and, unfortunately I never kept a copy each Tip.

I kept this up for just over a year before I stumbled across (A long time before Google bought it), at the time blogging was very much in it’s infancy and was still really the domain of techies and early adopters.

I have kept that blog going, on various platforms and websites since September 2005 (when I set up my first blogger blog – Those of you with keen eyes, after reading the title of this blog post will notice the archive only goes back to September 2005, this is the reason why).

The tricky aspect of getting in the habit of pouring out the secrets of existence on a regular basis, with the intent to helping as many people as possible (I have never blogged as a “marketing strategy” and always because I have wanted to share), by teaching them about NLP, hypnosis, learning strategies, cybernetics, coaching, and other such related fields, is trying to decide what to say.

Do I just ramble on about what I am up to and interweave that with an odd tip, or do I do a cold and hard “technique” driven blog, with bullet points and step by step processes?

What is the level of the people who read this, are they people who are totally new to all this and trying to figure out what it is all about, or are they already well versed in the art of NLP and are looking for more detailed, “advanced” entries?

So, where do I pitch it? Beginner, or advanced? I do tend to try and avoid jargon, unless  am doing a specific entry explaining such jargon. I hope I get the balance.

I am only human and sometimes events conspire to steel from me the requisite time and space to a write a reasonably informative and entertaining entry. Because, believe me, to churn out a decent entry, I really do have to put the effort in (not actually being a genius, and still battling with my own limitations – particular, as regular readers my have noticed, my spelling…). I am often struck down with a terrible case of the “humbles”, where I convince myself that I have nothing to add to the mass of information out there (or convince myself that no one is reading this). At other times my mind just goes blank for days, or I just won’t be able to muster the energy or motivation to apply myself. Or I am simply too busy. So there are inevitably times when it all goes quiet and I won’t write for weeks, or what I’m writing, while well-meaning and definitely comprising at least one small nugget of something useful, is just a load of old b*ll*cks.

I do hope, though that over the last 10 years I have shared enough to keep people interested, entertaining and educated you in some small way. Here is to the next 10 years. Who know’s where it will take me, but I hope you will come along for the ride…