Advanced Language Mastery Cards, Meta Model, Milton Model, Sleight of Mouth

I have just released an updated version of my Advanced Language Mastery Cards. Including Volume II: Sleight of Mouth.

Using these cards for as little as 5 minutes a day you will able to:

  • Learn to become a highly influential communicator.
  • Make suggestions that are impossible to disagree with.
  • Overcome resistance without argument, tension or conflict.
  • Undo limiting, or reinforce, positive beliefs.
  • Become a master of conversational change.
  • Get to the heart of the problem quickly and easily.
  • Master these skills faster than you thought possible.

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Volume 1: The Meta Model and Milton Model

The 36 card deck contains:

  • All the major and most important language patterns from the Meta Model and Milton Model
  • A basic vocabulary refresher list
  • Suggested exercises
  • Tips for use

Volume 2: Sleight of Mouth

The 24 card deck contains:

  • All the 14 original Sleight of Mouth language patterns
  • 2 additional patterns that are often included
  • The 2 Meta Patterns
  • The 6 Polya Patterns.
  • An explanation of the structure of beliefs
  • An explanation of the Polya Patterns of Plausible Inference.

These cards a pdf downloaded that you print out. Which means you will receive them immediately and can get started straight way, even if it is 2 in the morning! Click here to get started now!

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