Hello and Welcome to 2012.

The news is grim, with continued reports of the collapse of the worlds finances, talks of a returning recession, massive unemployment, companies going bust left right and centre… and here in the UK the New Year has started with sever storms (I hope that isn’t an omen)!

Now, more than ever, we need to carry out a revolution, a personal revolution in the way we think, act and behave. Ignore the glum and the doom and gloom and make 2012 your best year yet!

why do most people fail to achieve their goals?

One of the reasons I have discovered as to why people tend to fail in their resolutions is they look back at the previous year, convince themselves they didn’t achieve any of the resolutions they wanted to do that year and either give in in a big fat sulk or rush to try and do everything they wanted to do immediately, there by overwhelming themselves and giving up (in a big fat sulk).

If this sounds familiar then It is often a good idea to look back over, and assess the year just gone. But in a very specific way.

To achieve goals and outcomes you need to gather the appropriate resources, and to get the appropriate resources you need to ask the appropriate questions.

looking back

So before you start your plan of attack for this year ask yourself the following questions.

Lets start with something positive:

What went really well in 2011?

It can anything, no matter how small. Make a list. As you think about them, make the effort to really re-live the experience, pay attention to what you are seeing, hearing and in particular how you feel. Take a moment to be grateful and appreciate that you did them.

Ask yourself “how did I achieve these things that went really well, what did I think about and feel as I was working towards them?”

Now you have got yourself in a positive state and focused on some successes in 2011 you can approach the trickier area:

What didn’t go well in 2011? What were your biggest failures? Disappointments? Frustrations?

Write them all down and then ask yourself.

What did I learn from that experience?

Because, even if it was not the result you wanted, you still got a result or outcome and as we NLPer’s (sometimes annoyingly!) say “there is no failure, only feedback” so what can you learn from the results you got?

As you think about that, focus in on answering the following questions:

What do I need to do differently?

What do I need to do more of?

What do I need to stop doing altogether? Look at the goals or “resolutions” you did nothing with in 2011. Are they really what you want to achieve? One the most powerful lessons we can learn is to let go.

Once you have answers to all those questions you will have better resources to plan and achieve your goals for 2012. And be in a better frame of mind.

(I posted a video blog about this here, just the other day).

looking forward

Now, start thinking about the things you want to achieve in 2012 (bear in mind the “stop doing” list above!). List them in priority of what you want to achieve first. The biggest mistake people make with changes in their lives is to try and do everything all at once. Don’t. List them in priority order. You may not get round to even starting something on this list until much later in your year. That is fine.

When prioritising choose the following to do first:

  1. Look at the quick gains, what easy goals can you achieve that will set you up for succeeding (quitting is a dangerous habit).
  2. Look at the things that will make the biggest impact on your life right now.

If in doubt. Do less. Ask yourself what are the 3 key priorities. Can you get it down to just one? If you could only make one resolution this year, what would make the biggest impact?

Now you have your resolutions, ask this one simple question:

How will my life be better when I have achieved this goal/result?

Focus on what you see, hear and, most importantly, feel. If you cannot strongly imagine how these achievements will change your life (for the better) do you really need to do them? The secret here is to fall in love with the end result and make it so captivating for you that you are utterly compelled to take action. You don’t want it feel like it is a chore, or something you have to hype yourself up to do, it has to feel like something that you have to force yourself to stop doing. Make sense?

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Wishing you a great 2012!