I have just released the 4th edition of my top selling “Professional Practice Builders Handbook” where I show you how to set up your own coaching, therapy or training business from scratch.

The world has changed a lot since I released the first edition of this ebook back in 2008, to reflect the changes there are  over 40 pages of additional material, including:

  • The four keys to success (you don’t need to do them all, but you should do a couple at least)
  • My thoughts on Social Networking and beginners strategy.
  • Back to the old school, why the old methods may actually be the best.
  • The simple success strategy (or how to use Social Networking properly).
  • A much more in-depth process on how to create online products.
  • An updated section on how to design and build a website, which is completely different to how I used to say to do it!

Available now as instant pdf download for the introduction of price of £29.99 (+VAT) for a limited time.

You can get it here.