As far as we know, we are the only creatures that use words to understand and explain the world around us.

That means how we use and structure our language and communication (to ourselves and other people) effects the way we create our own reality.

Because we think in words, we often don’t explore the words we use and how that effects us. We become so absorbed in the content we pay little attention to the structure of our thoughts.

One of the most powerful ways to change the way we feel, act and interact with the world  is to improve our knowledge and grasp of linguistics.

Happiness (at least partly) is dependant on grammar!

We think in words.

If don’t use those words correctly we will struggle to think “usefully”.

We do not think “usefully” (or “rightly” as the Buddhists put it) we will find it difficult to make useful observations and decisions.

We cannot make useful decisions we shall, basically, make a mess of things.

If we make a mess of things we will be unhappy.