In a previous blog entry (here), I discussed the fact that I recognised that not everyone who wants to learn NLP would choose my training courses. However, I am a passionate advocate of NLP and want everyone who experiences NLP to have a positive experience and learn it effectively, therefore I wrote a guide about how to go about choosing an NLP training (here).

Since then I have noticed a worryingly large increase in companies offering NLP training who have NO recognised qualification and their course are not recognised by any of the major NLP qualifying bodies. NLP is perceived to be a bit of a “hot topic” right now, so there are a lot of people and organisations suddenly offering trainings in NLP to jump on the band wagon. A worryingly large number of these organisations have no trainer qualification and very little experience in NLP.

More and more people are coming to re-train with me as their initial training was not accredited by anyone and (not unsurprisingly) these trainings have often been substandard.

I have even seen an NLP training organisation claim that they do not accredit their courses as the syllabus guidelines are too restrictive! This is utter, utter nonsense!

The thing I don’t understand is if you are so passionate about NLP that you choose a career teaching it, why don’t you take the time and effort to become a qualified trainer? Those that don’t bother, I suggest, are just jumping on the bandwagon of the popularity of NLP and are do so purely for selfish, financial reasons.

NLP is a lightly regulated field and on the whole this is a good thing, however it does mean that as things stand, anyone can deliver a course and call it a Practitioner and anyone can set up an organisation accrediting NLP training.

If you are going to choose an NLP training, makes sure that the trainer is a qualified trainer (not just Practitioner or Master Practitioner) in one of the “big 4” NLP Qualifying bodies:

the society of nlp (snlp)

In the interest of transparency, I must state I am a licensed trainer with the SNLP. I chose them as they are the oldest and largest accreditation body (set up in 1976 by the 2 co-founders of NLP; John Grinder and Richard Bandler) and are still overseen by Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of the field.

the international trainers association (ita)

This is a newer accreditation body, that was set up and overseen by John Grinder, the other co-founder of the field.

the american board of nlp (abnlp)

The ABNLP seems to be getting bigger and bigger and more and more NLP trainings seem to offer this accreditation. They were set up in 1995 as “…an adjunct to the American Board of Hypnotherapy and has functioned as its sister organisation since then…”.

the international nlp trainers association (inlpta)

Set up in 1993, they offer one of the longest courses in NLP out there. Is longer better though?

All these organisation offer slightly different ways of delivering the training and have slightly different biases and styles, so it is important to find out which style seems best to you.

Please note: and this is an important distinction. The Association of NLP (ANLP) is a Members Organisation only and does not qualify Practitioners or trainings. However it does accept “trainer members” based on experience rather than qualification. Although I am a member of ANLP and on the whole agree with what they are doing, I do worry that this allows less scrupulous trainers trade on their membership and imply that they are somehow qualified to run NLP trainings. Be very careful of people claiming to qualify you through the ANLP ONLY.

Of course, membership of one these bodies does not necessarily indicate the training will be of a high quality as there are people in each field with a varying degree experience and ability, but being a trainer member of one of these organises at least demonstrates a minimum ability to teach NLP.

Make sure, when you are looking for NLP training, you choose a trainer qualified through one of these bodies, and avoid anyone who isn’t. Then, at least, these unqualified trainers will be forced out of business.

For more details get my guide here.