The economic upheaval and uncertainty over the last few years has meant that most companies have gone through very tough time, including emergency restructures, budgets cuts and re-organisations with the focus very much on survival.

Although this was very necessary at the time, it has left many organisations in a mess with de-motivated and poorly trained employees ill-equipped to take advantage of the current changes and small growth in the economy.

Over the last 6-months I have been working with the drpgroup to create a solution for the problem and we are proud to announce the re-launch of group’s division aimed specifically at dealing with issues of team building, motivation communication and creativity: futureteams.

The revamped team-building offering consists of activities, challenges and group projects designed in consultation with a behavioural psychologist using feedback from delegate testing groups.

It includes a revolutionary Return On Investment Tool that demonstrates in tangible and financial terms the benefit of the team-building event. This means team training is no longer considered a cost to the organisation but a provable investment.

drpgroup managing director Dale Parmenter said: “We have always had a strong teambuilding offering but with the re-launch of futureteams, this will become even more evident for clients looking to engage, reward and motivate this year.

Our dynamic new branding and purpose-built facilities give us the chance to build on the award winning teambuilding work we have already produced under the futureteams brand and demonstrate the return on investment these activities have when considered in the context of a fully motivated and engaged team.”

I will continue to be involved with futureteams, facilitating and presenting some of the team building events, if you want any more details please visit their website or alternatively, if you prefer, please contact me and I will discuss the options available with you.