As you can probably see, development of this new site has been put on hold over the last week or so as I was away running the inaugural Psykologika Esoterika full training.

This course came about from people continually asking me to teach them the more entertaining side of NLP, hypnosis and psychology, including Mentalism and Stage Hypnosis (I think this fascination that people have with it is due the success of show’s such as “The Mentalist”, “Lie to Me” and of course the ongoing world domination of Derren Brown!).

I had resisted for some time, as I didn’t think it sat well with my more “serious” NLP trainings, but after finding out that most people on my NLP training wanted to learn this stuff I finally yielded and developed the course.

Firstly I would like to thank all the delegates for their support, feedback and making the course so much fun and such a pleasure to teach. This was the first one that I ran and, although there were a few inevitable teething troubles, it seemed to be an immense success. Or as one trainee put it:

“…I genuinely have the impression that we could all do a stage show tonight – a result I would not have expected…”

what did they do?

On the course the trainees were taking from scratch through the principles of psychological entertainment, including:

  • Perception and sensory acuity (and using it to become a human lie detector!)
  • “Throat Reading” – recognising subvocalisation
  • Applications of the ideomotor effect, including muscle reading
  • Cold Reading, Priming and Probability
  • Stage Hypnosis, persuasion
  • Tricks and tips of Mentalism
  • Performance skills

To see some pictures of the training click here.

see how they did

Enough of me talking about the course, let’s see how they did:

The trainees record a 5-10 minute demonstration of what they have learned over the course (remember, they learned to do this in just 4 days).

I have posted 3 of them on YouTube:

adrian demoing cold reading

Does he seem psychic to you? Here Adrian, does an almost perfect demonstration of “cold reading”. “Cold reading” is a series of techniques used in order to convince the subject that the reader knows much more about a subject than they actually do. It is often used to suggest psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance or mediumship (talking to the dead).

sanjay sticking tim’s hand to a table

Sanjay does an excellent and entertaining demonstration of Stage Hypnosis on the last day of the training. This is just one of the applications of Stage and Entertainment hypnosis that you learn.

tim doing contact mind reading

Tim was particularly impressive as he was the only trainee on the course that had no prior experience of NLP or hypnosis, yet managed to keep up with the rest of the group, and do an excellent demonstration of “Contact Mind Reading” (also known as Muscle Reading or Hellstromism).

Once again, a big think you to all the attendees, if you are interested in learning these skills the next Psykologika Events are on:

1-Day Event: 18 September. Click here for details

Full Training: 26-29 November. Click here for details

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