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The “L” in NLP is often the most misunderstood and underutilised part of the subject. But by mastering the linguistic aspect of the Neuro Linguistic Programming you will find yourself becoming a better, and more influential communicator.

To get effective at the language skills requires constant practice. These flash cards are an ideal tool to help you, and I have found them invaluable through the years.

I first developed the cards when I completed my Master Practitioner training in 2001, to practice and get good at the advanced language patterns I had learned.

When I started teaching NLP in 2003 people continually asked me about the cards and how to use them, so I got a limited number printed and gave them out as part of the training literature, or sold them (for £19.99 a set).

If you have a set of these original cards, keep hold of them, they are very rare; I don’t even have a set any more!

I recently came across the original pdf designs for the cards, so (after updating them and tarting them up a bit) I have released them for your benefit as a pdf download.

What you get in the pdf download:

  • The 36 card deck contains all the major and most important language patterns from the Metal Model and Milton Model to cut out.
  • A basic vocab refresher list
  • Suggested Exercise
  • Tips for Use

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For a simple gimmick free way of practicing and perfecting your language skills these flash cards are an ideal tool.

A physical set of these cards used to cost £19.99, now on pdf they are only £8.99 and the great thing with having them as a pdf (rather than a hard copy), is if you lose a card or your set becomes a bit tatty, you can just print out a new one!

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