Phew, what a week. Monday I was in the Heart fm study recording some bits for them about exams to go out on the breakfast show with my mate Ed James (if you have missed them, you can listen again here. The final part goes out tomorrow morning). Then it was dash back to Cardiff on Tuesday to do a talk at the Welsh Chapter of the JCI (Junior Chamber International) at the Parkhouse Club. And then, yesterday I had to pop into the Red Dragon radio station to an ISDN link up with Tom Ross discussing NLP and Sports Performance and my upcoming Sports Practitioner of NLP course (which will go out tonight on BRMB). So today I am trying to catch up on the all the admin, I am still updating the new site and sorting out my next course, which is the NLP Practitioner training at the end of July.

But, what I actually wanted to discuss with you was what happened last week. By comparison last week was very, very quite, I am working on a new project (not saying anything yet as I don’t want to jinx it…), and spent most of last week researching the subject. It got the point on Friday that I was all researched out and just had to get on with, as I was just confusing myself and creating doubts by learning more and more.

I see this so often when people are just starting out in NLP, they sort of become course junkies and book junkies, they think “I will just read one more book…” or “I will just do one more course, before I sart using this stuff…”, It is a lack of confidence to get stuck in. But, NLP can only really be learned in the real world. Trainings are essential, but by very definition they are slightly false. They have to be, you have to practice your new skills in safe environment with feedback to begin with. But once you have done the Practitioner course, get out there and use it!! You don’t need to start your own Private Practice to do this, you use it every time you communicate with someone, you use it on yourself when you start noticing things you want to or need to change. Course are great and learning and experiencing new things is very important, but don’t get stuck in that trap of think you just need to do “one more thing…” before you start using your new skills.

And on that note, I am off to carry on with my new project and…

DO IT!!!

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