So, continuing to explore the idea of “Maybe Logic”, creating choice and flexibility in our belief systems.

Why do we get stuck with certain beliefs? Even negative, limiting and unhelpful ones?

Well, a belief can be described as “a sense of certainty”. When you think about something you 100% believe, how do you know? Think about it now, something oyu 100% believe in. Think of something simple like “it’s good to breath” or “the sun will come up tomorrow” and see HOW you know you believe that, you most probably get a feeling or a a sense of 100%…

And, as humans one our basic desires is for consistency, we prefer certainty to uncertainty, it is why people stay in situations (dead end job, etc) that seem so unhealthy from the outside. People will do an awful lot nad put up with an aweful lot to keep things the same!!

This need for certainty has pervaded itself through our society. We are often ridiculed or laughed if we don’t know what we are doing. We feel ashamed or embarrassed to admit to not knowing something.

We even discourage it asking questions ad being curious: “curiosity killed the cat”!! Basically telling us stick with what you know, don’t learn any more.

The problem is we are learning machines, we collect and gather information, make associations and connections with what we already know, imagine things, make things up. And we do this naturally, unconsciously and automatically. If we don’t guide this process we will end up just learning random things.

So, look at the beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you. See which ones are useful to you. Then challenge the rest; think of AT LEAST 3 different explainations for any limiting or negative belief you have and see how that makes you feel.

I will continue this next time.

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