Well, what a week! Sorry I have not written but last week I was run off my feet! I moved house, launched my new website (it still needs a few tweaks etc, but it is looking mighty fine, go see at www.mattcaulfield.co.uk), did several radio interviews about how to get a man to marry you on Friday the 29th AND swapped bank accounts! Nothing like doing it all at once is there?!

So, how did I remain calm and relaxed throughout the process? It would be a total lie to say I got through it with the sereness of a Buddha, but I have developed over the years a very quick and effective way to relax, refocus and recharge in about 60 seconds.

Matt’s 60 Second Soften:

1. Take a deep breath, focus on in it, make sure it s a full breath from the belly, count in 7 and out 11 (that means you breath out slower on the out breath, not that you just breathe out more!!)
2. Check your posture, get comfy, if you are sitting, sit into the chair properly, having it support you, don’t slouch. If you are standing, stand up straight, lengthen your spin and up your crown of your head to the sky, bend you knees slightly, make certain you are not leaning back.
3. If you can tense and relax all your muscles, starting from your legs and working your way up to your head, tense on a sharp in breath and relax on a slow out breath, if you can’t do that go to the next step
4. Consciously relax all your muscles from your head to your toes in that order, it helps if you could do step 3, but if you are in a public place and feel awkward about doing it, its fine.
5. List 3 things you can see, 3 things you can hear and 3 things you can feel.
6. Take a another deep, full breath
7. Say something positive to yourself. I usually just say, “Right then, lets get on with it”, but you can say whatever makes you feel good. Say it out loud if you can, if not say it in your head.
8. Carry on with what you were doing!

I hope that all helps. I may be a bit sporadic with this blog for awhile, until I get myself sorted.

But until next time, peace!


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