Ok, after my last posting, which was a minor rant against some (not all, but some) NLP trainers out there over complicating the issue of NLP just to get bums on seats at their trainings and make themselves sound cleverer than everyone else, I suppose I should defend my position a bit (although I got overwhelming positive feedback form people who read my blog, one person John, was kind enough to even post a comment – thank you John).

So, what makes a good NLP trainer then? It is not what they teach as most of of the big certifying bodies have syllabuses trainers should (they don’t always!) stick to. Much the same as, say, teachers teaching an A-level or GCSE. If the syllabus is the same then what makes a teacher or trainer better than others?

I personally would argue it is the way they communicate the information to their students or trainees. Which, ironically, is what NLP is all about (odd how a lot of supposed NLP trainers I meet miss that point – no, I will not name names!!).

I remember the best teacher I ever had was a chap called Phil Seaton, he taught me A-level Biology at Kidderminster College, way back in the early 90’s. He had an ability to come into the room and appear to make the subject easy, fascinating and relevant. He inspired his students and created confidence in us that we were more than capable of learning the subject easily and effortlessly, therefore creating a motivation in us to learn the subject and go off and apply it. But I think his most outstanding skill was his capablity of teaching a lesson by telling stories and examples and he structured his lessons in a way that they seemed to just happen, we flowed through them, seemingly without effort. And when I came to do my homework it was just as if I already knew the answers, even though I hadn’t been consciously aware I had learned them.

Did you have a teacher like that?

Of course this was years before I came across NLP and Richard Bandler, but noticed quickly how Richard used the same teaching strategies as Phil.

That to me is what a good teacher or trainer OF ANY SUBJECT should be like.

In short, it is using NLP to learn NLP.

Here’s a little tip, if the alleged NLP trainer uses Powerpoint (which is a very good teaching tool IN THE RIGHT CONTEXT), they are probably not using NLP to teach NLP, and I would question their NLP skills.

But that is just me…

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  1. KhaazRa
    KhaazRa says:

    Hi, I agree that a good teacher should be able to teach effortlessly and also to bring out the education that is already within us. I had a anatomy and physiology teacher that loved the subject, yet you could understand her test and she created them, so what was the point?

    I would like to know more about Richard Bandler, yet all these expensive syllabus courses online have confused the &%$+# out of me. Please provide more information.


    KhaazRa at http://www.holisticperspective.net

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