NLP is simple

Let me say that again.


It is easy to understand and easier to use and apply.

NLP only becomes difficult when you THINK it should be difficult or complicated.

And as far as I can tell there is only one reason why this is so.


With the wealth of NLP training providers out there (and seemingly more springing up every day), they have to set themselves apart somehow. And the most common way is to seem to show off about how much they know and how much more they know than everyone else (particularly the competition).

So they make up and use big fancy words and tell you that what you think about NLP is wrong and only THEY can teach you the proper stuff.


NLP is easy, because all NLP is a model of human behaviour. We are already doing it! We just don’t know how we are doing it. NLP shows us how we (and other people) think and behave, so we can recognise it and easily and quickly change it (if it needs changing) or do it better, etc.


NLP is just “Advanced Common Sense”. You don’t need to know any big fancy words or terms to do, or explain any fancy diagrams or theories. In fact, if you are doing this I would argue you are not actually doing NLP you are just talking about it!

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  1. John
    John says:

    Excellent point. NLP gives you the structure and direction to use common sense, hich is the bit that eludes most people.

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