What a busy start of the year! It bwgan on New Years Eve when I was on BBC WM’s Ed Doolans show talking about New Years resolutions, than I did a piece for BBC Midlands Today. Later in the week I was on Katy Jonsons Show on BBC H&W and then the following week I was on Channel M’s Breakfast Show and Ed James Breakfast Show on Heart FM. Twice. Including recording the 1st ever NLP Podcast for Heart that can be downloaded here

On top of that I have been writing content for my new website (something that has seemed to have become a Sysiphean task) that will be up in the next few weeks (I promise!). I am very excited about the new site as it will have an excellent new facility to book on trainings online as well as a fully functioning webshop, audio and video clips, podcasts and an intergrated blog. Which means finally I will be able to connect properly with people through the medium of the web.

And organisation new top class venues for trainings in the midlands and south wales, to provide the highest possible quality NLP trainings.

As well as all of this I am doing my usual trainings and one to one sessions, including a talk to the Chartered Institute of Managements Accountants last night.

I hope you have all had as a constructive start to the new year?

If oyu need a bit of a top up in your resolutions, I highly recommend you download the above mentioned podcast and go along with the exercises I do with Leanne (the Heart Guinea Pig!).

Until next time.