I have just finished my last Practitioner training of the year and probably my last 7 day Prac. From next year I am redesigning the Practitioner training completely and delivering it as a modular programme. But more on that in a bit, before then I just wanted to share an email I received from one of the delegates a few days after finishing the course:

“Hi Matt, I thought I would drop you a line and share some of my thoughts with you about the training. Day 1 – I thought I’m glad I haven’t paid for this! Day 2 – really enjoyed it, I stepped out of my linear approach to training. The rest of the week was a similar pattern for me, ambivalent. At the end of the week I wasn’t sure what I thought about the training ;-( At times I thought it was shear brilliance and others a load of bo******….and I would swing between these thoughts and emotions. Actually come to think of it I think it was bo****** and that you have done that jiggery pokery on me so that I think you/NLP are brill. However as the week as progressed more and more deeper and deeper I have begun to see things much more clearly….now that I have new glasses. No…that’s the point I have learnt to enjoy learning, it’s as simple and as difficult as that. I’ve noticed lots of visual ambiguities too, like a Cafe in Walsall that allowed a weight watchers club advertisement to be displayed below it’s menu! On Monday I started a new job and was aware that I was consciously incompetent and I took this in my stride, looking for strategies for improvement. I felt good. Just imagine how good I will feel when I am consciously competent! Well these are just a few examples, there are more but your head is large enough. I now think the training was excellent and I look forward to participating in the Master Prac without my note book. Thanks Matt, Jo, Hazel.”

When I began reading that email I thought “oh dear…” but after I finished it I was very glad that the person had taken the time to write me an email explaining his thoughts.

A much more positive testimonial was this from David Le Grys, 18 times World Masters Cycling Champion, World Record Holder and Personal trainer

“I attended Matt’s NLP Practitioner course and was motivated by Matt’s teaching skills, he has a way of getting the message across, his stories were funny but all had a message relating to what we were learning at the time. Having completed the course. My first day, I looked at the NLP training manual and thought “I can’t do all this in 7 days” I did and not only that I understood every word of it by the 7th day, and understood NLP. Thank you Matt”