I remember when I very firs became an NLP practitioner I was sat there on the last day of the course holding my certificate, excited about all the new ideas and skills that I have learned and how I was going to use them, and Richard Bandler was giving us his final address.

He said to us “You are all NLP Practitioners now, you know what that means?”

We all looked at him and I thought, “It means we can use NLP?!”

He then pronounces “It means you can do what ever the f**k you want!”

That was the real thing that got me about NLP, the freedom that it created.

But the second thing I love about NLP is it is not afraid to pinch good stuff. In fact its origins is as a modelling tool, to study, model, and learn how people do things effectively, or to make them better.

It means you can use and pinch (with full credit of course) any idea, tool, or skill you find useful. It is like the magpie of the psychological world, stealing shinny great skills! You are not trapped; you have the ability to learn whatever you want very quickly

Because, in the world in which we live, most things have been done at some point (or done better constantly) so, you already have a process of how to get there. Want to build a multimillion-pound (dollar) empire? Someone has already done it. Want to climb Everest, run a 4-minute mile, sale round the world? Most of these things have been done. Want to do something that has not been done before? There are probably people who have tired and failed! See what they did wrong. Maybe there are people who have done some of it, or different parts, learn their process and combine them!