Well, I have just got back from doing my bit on Capital Gold radio chatting to (the legend that is) Tom Ross about how NLP and Hypnosis can help you give up smoking since they bring the smoking ban here in England in on July 1st.

It was good fun and very laid back and I was only there for about 20 mins, but I have to be honest I often get more nervous than I really should doing things like this. Even though my PR guy Clive was there to hold my hand!

I think it is the added pressure of knowing I should be able to sort myself out (physician heal thyself and all that) that makes it worse!! I am only human after all and do have my own faults and foibles (anyone who tells you they don’t are just lying…).

What I do when I find myself getting nervous is this:

1) Breath! Breathing is great, it is really useful…
I do a Yogic type thing, where I do some full belly breaths, the secret to this is imagine you are breathing in and out threw your belly button.

2) Centre.

By focusing on your belly button you also centre yourself, which is an old martial arts trick to ground yourself and relax and focus, this also helps focus your somewhere else than your head where all the chatter and nonsense is going on.

3) Notice where the feeling of nervousness is and what it is doing.
Is it your tummy? Chest? Is it spinning in a certain way? Does it have a colour? Focus on it and then REVERSE it, so it spinning (for example) in the OPPOSITE direction, if the colour doesn’t change automatically, change it.

4) Trust…
Trust myself that I am going to do the right thing the right way. Recall 2-3 times when you did something and it was natural and easy and run those times round in your head on repeat, focus in the picture if there is one and make it bigger and bright and bolder, if there are any sounds make them louder and clearer, notice the good feeling and double it…

5) And finally, RELaaaaaaxxxxx…!
Just take a few deep breaths and on the out breath just allow all the tension to leave your body.

Works for me, give it a go!