This reminds me of a Billy Connolly joke: He says he wants “Jesus Christ, is that the time already?” written on his gravestone.

Jesus Christ, is that the time already? I haven’t died or anything, but some of you may have think that I have, since I haven’t written a blog entry for so long.

Now, I know you are thinking “we don’t want excuses, we want results” (as an old boss of mine used to say…)


The reason I have neglected this blog for so long is that I have had a new website commissioned. That was meant to have been done back in Feb and was meant to have it’s own blog/journal facility. But. (and how did you know there was going to be another but?) It’s not finished yet.

The site is “live” at but it is not in any way shape or form finished (a few glitches behind the scenes, which will be ironed out asap)

So, until the site is finished I am going to continue posting on this blog (and maybe always will…)

Like the new look (assuming you have visited before)? I thought, since I am going to be here for awhile still I would do a spot of spring cleaning and redecorating.

Right, off to ExCel for the Health and Beauty Training Show and then doing a Master Practitioner training for Isis Centre training in Brighton.

Will try and write whilst away (assuming I can get internet access…)

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