There is no space without time and there is no time without space. In fact space and time are so intrinsically linked that Alfred Korzybski (the founder of General Semantics) refused to sue the word “space” and “time” separately and would say “spacetime”

This I all very interesting but what has it got to do with you? Last week I was talking about time management. Hopefully by now you have done a diary, so you can see exactly where your time is going (was it shocking? For most people I suggest to do this, they are astounded by the amount of time they waste…).

So, now we need to start integrating a useful perception of time into your psychology. So, and this is an odd question. If you could point to yesterday somewhere around you, where would it feel like it is? How about last week? Tomorrow? Next week?

You see, the past is a memory, so is your future (otherwise how do you remember what you are going to do tomorrow?). You organise these memories spatially to make sense of them, in something NLP calls a Timeline. The reason it is call ed a timeline is that you have probably noticed by now that you mentally organise time in a linear straight(ish) line way. It my go from behind you to in front of you, it may go from left to right, or right to left, or up to down or down to up. IT maybe a horseshoe shape in front of you. It is individual to you. But once you start to understand how you subconsciously organise time you can start to manipulate it and utilise to help you use and plan your time more effectively…