Wow. Has it been that long since I last wrote? Man, time funs when your having flies.

I have to apologies, I have been pretty hectic the last few weeks (I was ill the early part of last week, which didn’t help…), doing lots of exciting things that will all unfold over the next few weeks. So I have neglected my writing duties, not just this, but my emails too. And I am frantically catching up…

I was with a client on Monday who wanted to communicated better with people, he knew all the skills and tools of rapport, but always fell to pieces when he implemented them and wanted a way to practice.

I suggested this. And it is something I suggest you starting doing now too.

Everyone you meet, whether that be a friend, a work colleague, the person behind the counter at the post office. Make them smile. I do it all of the time. Just connect with them and make them smile. If you can make the laugh, great! But just go the smile.

This has several advantages:

You get to practice your rapport and communication skills.

If you mess up, it doesn’t matter. Do you care if some stranger thinks you are a bit odd? Not really…

It gets you into the habit of making people feel good. You will just do it naturally.
So people with get to know you as someone who they just feel good when they are around.

It makes people feel good! And that is a good thing. Make everyone feel good for no good reason. It makes the world a better place. Not half an hour I made the woman in Tesco’s smile. I hope I improved her day, just a little bit…