Man, as am I pootling about during the day going about my business I will think of 3 or 4 things I want to talk about here in my blog. Then, when I sit down to write they all goes straight out of my head.

I will have to start making notes, or improve my memory. Talking of which if you want to improve your memory I highly recommend Dave Turners Memory Master Class.

But anyway. I notice in the news yesterday that some prominent Doctors are moaning about using “alternative” (alternative to what?!) therapies on the NHS. Their argument being that they have not been scientifically proven. YET is the word they missed from that sentence. It’s as if they think we know everything now and nothing else will be discovered! (they also used the killer argument that most illness get better by themselves without the need for medical intervention, but when someone has alternative therapies and get better they will attribute to the therapies rather than realising that they just got better by themselves. Killer argument that! Not full of flaws at all…) we are finding out new things every day. I am sure Humboldt would be rolling in his grave seeing the Scientific method being used as a stick to control people with rather than a tool that was developed to learn new stuff!!

Oh, the irony…Stop it, it hurts too much from laughing…

Robert Anton Wilson once said that “live mind is better than dead mind” what he meant by that was a mind that keeps exploring, questioning learning, accepting that it hasn’t got everything figured out just yet is better than someone who thinks they know everything. Don’t get trapped into the thinking that this is it. Things change. Become an explorer of your psychology, become a Psychonaut (I am not advocating the use of mind altering drugs – personally I think drugs are for amateurs…)!!