I will have to be careful; if I start posting too regularly you will get spoiled…

And you will just think I have no work to do.

I have too much work to do! And I am not quite certain where to start, so taking my own advice from yesterday, I have taken a deep breath, stopped and gone to do something completely different (this!)

And I have no idea what I am going to say.

I got accused of being too happy the other day! I didn’t realise it was possible to be too happy!

What I am is in a good state as often as possible (even I have very bad days!), because being in a good state doesn’t stop the shit from happening, but it does help you deal with it that much better. If you are in a good mood when ringing up to complain to your mobile phone company (for example, not that I have been doing that recently…) you will be polite, measured and know the outcome you want. So instead of ringing up and shouting at some poor sod, who’s fault it isn’t anyway who is paid the minimum wage to get moaned by people all day, you ring up, you are polite, nice and firm. Which do you think will get the best result off the person on the other end?

Yup, that’s right.

And how do I get myself in a good state??

I just remind myself that “life is fun”, it really is. Most of the time. Something I learned from the Super Ninja DJ Matt (Jaguar) Skills.

People seem to say “Oh, we will look back at this and laugh”. My attitude is “Why wait?”! Laugh about it now…

And I always remind myself that I am at least partially responsible for my reality. If my reality is shit, I can do something about that. And then I do (even if that means acquiescing to the current level of shitness and just giving in for awhile and watching telly…)