Phew, has it been that long since I last wrote?

Sorry! I have been soooooo busy. First up my ibook went kaput. I have an old G3 ibook that is brilliant (obviously it is an Apple – I am total Mac Evangelist…) but was having a logic board problem (not bad since it is over 5 years old), so had to go away to get mended, meaning the only net access I had was through my pda. Not a great way to write a blog!

Other than t that I have been working on a lot of behind the scenes stuff and been doing some TV work, one was for “Free Speech” a TV show that goes out on Raj TV and the other is part of a documentary for the Korean Broadcasting System being shown in Korea.

Why am I telling you this? Well it is to illustrate that you can do whatever you want! I love my job, one day I am doing a corporate training for nPower, the next I am being filmed for Korean TV! Don’t let you limit yourself.

I will be back. More often. I promise!